ISO: Lion Brand Imagine

I am in desperate :pray: need of just one skein of Lion Brand Imagine in White.

I started making a shawl for a Christmas present in the stuff before I realized it had been discontinued and I was short a skein! :doh: I’ve searched on e-bay, craigslist, freecycle, everywhere to no avail. I have some stuff I’d be willing to trade or just name your price!

I’m also looking for Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Peony if you have some! But no dire need yet!

I can post some pics of what I have, but I’m currently at work. Just let me know.

Thanks all!!

I had a revelation! I remembered my first attempt at knitting many years ago and some of the stuff I had obtained from my grandmother. I had long since forgotten about it all. So, I went upstairs to see what I had and AH HA!

A skein of Lion Brand Imagine in White! :cheering:

Odd thing to learn on, huh? Well, I guess I didn’t really learn with it!

I am so releaved that I have all I need! Unless any one has some Mission Falls! :wink:

Shawl onward! :XX: