ISO knitpicks options interchangeable set , preferably harmony (bamboo)

I’m a new knitter and I purchased the Boyd interchangeable cricular set as it was all the craft store carried, I would love to buy a used (EUC) set of the knitpicks options… please let me know if you would like to sell yours, you will probably get a faster response by emailing me ( )

I just joined this forum so I don’t have background here but I have 10 feedback ratings of 100% positive on under cari15838 and I also have lots of positive feedback on ebay under carin15838 - I have funded PayPal.

The Harmonies are actually birch, not bamboo. I have used craft-store-bamboo needles and the Harmonies are way better :slight_smile: Good luck finding some used! I can’t imagine parting with mine unless I quit knitting (which I also can’t imagine). I’m an exc-cloth-diaperer; I should go get on diaperswappers so I can unload the diapers I have left. Anyway…