ISO DPNs for a beginning knitter

Hi there folks. :slight_smile: I’m a newbie knitter. I just got an amazing deal on some circular needles to start hat projects in US2, 6, 7 and, 10. Of course, I got yarn to go with them and now I’m like Ahh! budget. :frowning:

So I’m looking to see if anyone has DPNs in these sizes that would be willing to part with them for an affordable price. I’d really like to try knitting socks and hats. :slight_smile:

I don’t have much to trade…2 balls of Jiffy in Avocado, 1 apple green Homespun, and 1 hepplewhite home spun. That’s about it. Oh, I could also probably part with two of my balls of Bernant Bamboo Naturals in Corn [I](I have 2 in dye lot 199511 and 2 in dye lot 191232. I didn’t know about dye lots when I got these. I lucked out and ended with 2 and 2).[/I]

Just drop me a note. I also probably could trade the US2 16" circular needle I just got since I didn’t realize you couldn’t knit socks on circular needles with DPNs. (At least I’m not finding any patterns…)

Okay enough rambling from me. :blush:

Someone on Ravelry already took care of me. Thank you though for those who messaged me.