ISO a technique for knitting neater 2x2 ribbing

I am never satisfied with the appearance of the 2x2 ribbing. The stitch on the second stitch often looks larger that the first stitch in the 2x2 ribbing, which makes my ribbing look sloppy. I have tried it with a size smaller needle without success.
Jessica Joy shows a technique where you wrap your yarn clockwise on the first purl stitch and then knit through the back of that stitch on the second row. Here is the link
Since I knit ribbing without lifting my needle, I am not sure about this technique as she knits by throwing the yarn.
Thus I am looking for tips for knitting tighter ribs that more experienced knitters use.
BTW, I use the alternating cable cast when I cast on 2x2 ribbing.
Thank you

This video shows the best technique for making nice changes from knit stitches to purl stitches.

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What do you mean by “Since I knit ribbing without lifting my needle”?
I knit Continental and find that making sure I pull the yarn snug to take up the slack before knitting the knit after a purl helps a lot. I don’t need to work the first knit extra tight or wrap clockwise or other fixes I’ve seen.
Portuguese style knitting seems to solve this problem without any adjustments at all. I don’t know why. I love Portuguese purling but not the knit stitches so I stick mostly to Continental.

In addition to the above, you might try twisting the knit stitches on every other row. Do this by knitting inti the back of the knit stitches. Try it out on a swatch to see if you like the look

I am 67. When I was VERY young, in my 20’s, I had a wonderful friend who taught me a few simple little things to help me with my knitting. One of them was ribbing.
For the knit stitches, I always twist the knit stitches, that is, knit them through the back.
I love the look and always use it in ribbing, no matter how many stitches, 1x1, 2x2, etc etc etc.
I hope this helps !

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I twist the first purl stitch. If you’re knitting in the round it won’t show on the RS so I don’t untwist. If you are knitting flat you can can untwist on the WS. Once you get the hang it it goes fast.

Thanks for your suggestion. It sounds simple and I will give it a try. The wrapping clockwise on the purl stitch is much harder.

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Thanks. I don’t understand twisting the purl stitch. but I will look it up.
Also I appreciate that you pointed out the differences in knitting in the round vs flat.

I am going to make a sample using your technique. I am just about to be 67 and my aunt taught me to knit when I was 16. She taught me to knit continental style and I am so grateful she did.
Thank you for responding!

Thank you for your suggestion. I never knew there were so many ways to get to the same end point.

In the video, she only does for three or more stiches, not a 2x2 rib. But the difference between her option and the first sample are amazing. Neater and smaller.
Thanks for sharing this video. Very Pink has several good videos.

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To twist the purl stitch you just wrap it the wrong way. Instead of over the top you go under. In the round it’s only obvious on the back I do this automatically now and have to think about it if I need a normal purl. lol

I solved my problem by tugging on the first purl stitch of 2x rib. That tightens up the first purl stitch. Now the ribs are sharply defined.
Again thanks for all your suggestions