ISO a LYS in Newport News, VA

My MIL is a crocheter and I am slowly getting her into knitting. I am also trying to get her to see the joy in yarn other than Red Heart. She is really enjoying finding new yarns and patterns, but she needs some classes and a knitting group to keep her going. The LYS I found her has a nice selection of yarn and good prices, but doesn’t offer classes or host a knitting night. Anyone have a LYS to suggest - I am not too familiar with Newport News, but it seems like we drive by the shops at Oyster Point when we go anyplace if that helps.

I don’t think there is one in Newport News. I do know of one in Yorktown by the Walmart. It is called Coordinated Colors. I’ve been once or twice and they have a nice selection. They have knit classes and groups.

I’ve never found one in Newport News, either. There is Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg and across the York River in Gloucester are the Corner Cottage and Naturals. Both are in the Gloucester Courthouse area, about 12 miles north of the bridge. I’ve been to Coordinated colors in Yorktown. It has LOTS of yarn and stuff. Naturals has 2 groups: one meets during the day and the other at night. I don’t remember which days or times. Everybody there is extremely nice, friendly and helpful. Good luck.

Thank you for your responses. I think I will send her toward Knitting Sisters - she has some family that lives up there so she seems to drive up to Williamsburg often.
I think I took her to coordinated colors and while they do have a lovely selection of yarn (I have actually bought quite a bit there) if it is the place I am thinking of the couple that owns it have their children there most of the time (there was a birthday party going on one day) and so it is sometimes difficult to get attention when you want to ask questions.

There are a few knitting groups that meet in the Hampton Roads area. A group meets in Williamsburg on Mondays and Thursdays, I believe. Then there are two groups that meets on Wednesdays, one in Hampton and one in Newport News. Although I know there is a guild in Gloucester, I can’t remember which day they meet.

I’m pretty sure Knitting Sisters has information in the shop in reference to a few of the local groups.

Hope this helps.