ISO 12" doll clothes patterns

[B]Already visited Ravelry, and; no luck.[/B]

I’m looking for clothes patterns for a 12" baby-type doll (not a fashion/Barbie-type doll), which seems to be an odd size for a baby doll; all kinds of patterns for 18" dolls, but I’m not good at alterations and need a pattern written for a 12" doll; 13" or 14" doll clothes might work. Either crochet or knitted patterns are welcome. Thanks!

Have you seen these already?

also, there’s a book of barbie clothes. Let me see if I can find the title. You can check your local library for it.

Marilyn, these links are great–thank you! But I should’ve specified the type of doll I am trying to outfit. She’s not a fashion/Barbie-type doll; she’s more like a baby doll, like THIS one. I clarified this editing my original post.

Oh, I see your problem. I was (obviously) thinking 12" - that’s Barbie, she’s easy to clothe.

OK, let me think on that a bit.