Isager Field Sweater

Hi all,
I have this beautiful pattern Isager Field sweater, it is a striped sweater that is knitted correctly but designed to be worn inside out. I am unsure about the following and would like to ask for help please:
On the yoke;
Row 4 you knit etc and then at the end cast on 9 new stitches, change to colour B

The new colour then trails across 9 stitches, and leaves a big loop, is this meant to be the case or am I meant weave in some how?

Any help is appreciated, thank you !

Could you cast on the new sts in color B? Does the cast on become part of a seam and won’t be seen?

Alternatively you could carry the color that is forming the loop as a float, catching it in the cast on as you knit.

Thank you for help, I’ve undone it and will try, need to remember it’s actually worn inside out so any floats are on the right sides! So glad i have this forum for help, much appreciated

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Maybe you are supposed to cut and rejoin the brown yarn? (But please don’t cut it just because I said so – only if you decide it’s better than carrying it as a float.)

Does this cast-on step happen a few times?

It might be worth contacting the company: