Is your yarn tangling? well i got help for you!

What is possible for tangled yarn? it is not a problem. you simply (before you start) make sure that your yarn (skein or ball or something like that) is free of any tangles. If this gets tangled while you are kniting, CUT IT. DO NOT FREAK OUT!!! This is just a normle day in the knitters life. detangle the yarn. If your are having trouble, cut the yarn that is tangled. After you have stopped cutting and all of that, tie a VERY tight knot to you knitted piece. Make sure you cut off the ends of the knot or the knitting will turn out sloppy. :knitting: Keep on Knitting folks!:knitting:

If you need any help, private mail me if you have any questions!!!:thumbsup:

I agree with you about not being afraid to cut your yarn if necessary. I usually will try to get a tangle out (and I’ve found that since I learned to make center pull balls, I don’t have tangles), but I will cut it if I have to. This also goes for bad spots in the yarn (for example, knots or unplied sections).

I never knot my yarn, though. When I do, it invariably pops through to the other side. And if I were going to, I wouldn’t cut the ends off close to my knitting. I actually did this once when I was first learning, the knot loosened up, and it came apart. The ends were too short to tie back together. I would definitely weave, even if I were going to tie a knot.

I usually just knit a few stitch with the old and new yarns and weave in the ends or do the Russian Join (which there is a video for–another cool technique I learned from KH).

Anyway, that’s just my preference. As with many things in knitting, there are more ways than one to accomplish what you want to do. :thumbsup:

I never cut for a tangle.
The key is to not pull the tangle tight.