Is this tacky?

Okay so I made a blanket as a baby shower gift for a friend expecting a boy. I had a different blanket pattern picked out that I was going to make for my own baby…but it is a little on the feminine side and now that we know we are expecting a boy I really want the cabled blanket. Is it tacky to make myself the same blanket if I make it in a different color and different yarn ?

Not at all. If your friend doesn’t knit, she probably won’t notice it’s the same pattern, and if she does, she will appreciate the time and effort you put into hers.

I don’t think it’s tacky at all. Patterns, at least to the best of my knowledge, are not one time things and then we never knit them again for anyone else. Our changes come in colors of yarn, adjusting stitching here or there, or adding ornamentation like bobbles, type of fringe, etc.

I can honestly say that I’ve knit dozens of caps this winter and most of them were from the same pattern, yet no two are alike. Think of it that way.

No, that’s not tacky at all!!

I often make the same baby pattern over and over for different people, even within the same family unit/circle of friends.

If she notices…or you even just tell her…I would think that she’d appreciate that you knit her something that you loved enough to make another one like it for your own babe!:hug:

In fact, I’d probably TELL her…then she’d know that I liked it so much I almost kept it, but wanted her to have it:teehee:

Not at all! I see knitting as individual per piece. Just because it is the same pattern doesn’t make it the same gift.

I agree. No problem at all! Just tell her you loved it so much you wanted one for your own baby. :thumbsup:

Of course not! You just make what you want for your baby, your friend won’t care!

I agree, it is not tacky. In fact, I think it is a great compliment that you think as much of her as you do yourself, going to the same effort for her baby as for your own.

If it was the other way around and she asked for a blanket just like your baby’s, would you have a problem with it? It just means you love the pattern! If it were someone else’s knitting, they may get offended that you’re knitting something for yourself that she knit for someone else, but it’s yours! Go for it! It’ll probably go way faster and be much easier to do the second time around too!

Of course it’s tacky, therefore it’s a very good idea!

Not tacky at all!

I have 4 patterns that I Knit or crochet for babies and just usually knit in different colors. A few years back at our church we had 12 expecting mothers all within 3 months of each other. As soon as it was announced what the sex was, two weeks later is when the church wide showers were done. I didn’t have much time in between announcement & said shower so everyone got the same pattern that year just in a color customized for their nursery. No one seemed to notice that it was the same pattern as the previous blankets given. They were all just so excited to have a hand knitted/crocheted blanket from me.

Heck no! :slight_smile:

I sure hope not, I have just started the wonderful adventure that is knitting and I have made the same baby blanket 3 times (its the only one I can figure out so far) just in different colors. If its tacky then I am too!!:wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: We’ve missed you Mason! Seriously? My .02 … not tacky at all - everything everyone has already said. Go for it!