Is this pattern incorrect?

Hi everyone

I have just started the Hayfield 9794 pattern. I am working with the initial 81 stitches and have just completed 9 rows of moss stitch which is the rib.

My next row for my size says:

P18, Inc in next stitch purlways, (P1 inc in next stitch purlways) 22 timed, P18. 104 sts

This is not 81 stitches unless I am reading the instructions wrong (I am still a newbie).

What do you think - thank you!!

No, I don’t get 81 sts or 104 at the end of the row either. I get 59sts and 82sts at the end of the row. I don’t see any errata online.

Can you quote the first few rows from the cast on (all sizes) and tell us the size you’re making? We don’t need the whole pattern and that just brings up copyright problems anyway.

Hi salmonac,

This is right at the beginning. I cast on 81 stitches which is the first size and I’ve done the following:

1st row: k1, P1 to end
2nd row: P1, k1 to end
3rd row: P1, k1 to end
4th row: k1, P1 to end

Work 9 more rows in moss st.

Then I came to this row which seems totally wrong! I’ve not missed anything out and this is really the very start of the pattern (the back)

Well it looks like an error. Can you look at the next row and see how it goes? The instructions sooner or later will set up the various stitch patterns, cables etc. See if you can work backwards from the pattern sts to the correct number of sts for the row that you quoted (the row after the ribbing).
You might also email Hayfield and ask them about errata for this pattern.