Is this Grams?

I have found a pattern HERE that i really love and want to make it…its a sweater but im not sure on the yarn amount…does the g stand for grams :think: and if it does what would that be in ounces??I feel stupid asking this but im not good at converting :rollseyes: .

Thanks for eny help.

It seems that yes, the g stands for grams. As for converting, all you need to do is open google and type in “# grams to ounces,” replacing # with whatever number, and google will convert it for you.

Wow that was quick…thank you so much…that worked now i will know how to do that.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Dontcha just love google.

But really, it helps to know how much yardage is in those skeins of Alpaca if you wanted to use another yarn. 50 grams is 180 meters. Which is about 197 yards.

Wow…so if 50 grams is about 197 yards then im going to need about 2000 yards of yarn or i could use my new cascade yarn and not double it like they want you to with the Alpaca??

Do you think this would work or is this alpaca thick??

The gauge for this pattern is 15 stitches per 4 inches. I don’t think you’d get that with the Cascade unless you double it, as well.

Thanks Ingrid…i will do a swatch with one strand and then with two and see what it works out to.

This pattern is odd… it gives you gauge for 2 strands on 4 mm needles. Then the knitting is done with 2 strands on 6mm… which aren’t mentioned at the beginning. And nowhere does it say to use 4mm needles. A typo and it should be 6mm instead of 4?

Anyway, I think think you could use the Cascade single stranded on 6mm, which are 10s, but you might not quite get gauge, you’d need to knit a larger size. Try a sample with the cascade and see how far off it is. The Alpaca is very thin and label gauge is 3-3.5mm needles.