Is This for Real or a Scam?
It sounds too good to be true.

Yep, looks scammy to me! The cheesy webpage doesn’t help, either. Could she use more highligher? :rollseyes:

I knew someone who got into this or something similar and I saw it on the news. You buy all the material you need from the site, they send you the material, books, instructions, then you make the craft, send it to them and they tell you there are several flaws in your work, even though no one can really find the flaws. Then they try to sell you more materials, but each time you send it back, it’s never quite good enough. It’s a scam and one of our local news channels told about it. The elderly lady I knew who tried it was out a lot of money and she made beautiful jewelry. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Most definitely a scam.

Oh yeah - that scam sticks out like a sore thumb for sure! It’s just so sad that someone, somewhere fell for it. :frowning:

It’s a scam, that’s for sure. I feel badly for anyone who gets wrapped up in that kind of stuff. :frowning: Hopefully what goes around comes around.

If you search the internet for both American Crafts Institute or the Consumer Protection Alliance (the reputable consumer protection agency)on Yahoo, neither came up in the top ten and if either were a reliable enterprise they would have a good internet presence. It is not always a good indicator, but it is a good first step, when you are looking into a company, especially one that is supposed to be doing business on the internet.

The other suspicious thing is that, American Crafts Institute gets a higher rating than AVON?!? at the Consumer Protection Alliance. Not that I am a big Avon supporter, but if this company was so big and great, why would we not have heard about it before this if it is so big and gets such high ratings. I would do a whole lot more looking, and the fact that they are “giving” away so many “free” bonuses, is also suspicious. Why would they give away so much free stuff if they were making money? My guess is most people make their money, by setting up websites just like this one and collecting their portion of the sign up fees, not from actual crafts they make.