Is this a dumb question or what?

I know this must have been discussed over and over…but here goes again:
Here’s the lead-in to the question:[/B]
Interweave Press publishes the Interweave Knits magazine.
When I clicked an email from Knitting Daily, then clicked on the KNITSCENE magazine link…I landed in the Interweave website. I can purchase A COPY of the current KNITSCENE…but I can’t find a link to SUBSCRIBE.
Here is the question: [/B] Is there a subscription option for KNITSCENE magazine? :??

This is the magazine that featured the adorable Central Park Hoodie!

I don’t want to run to the bookstore to grab each issue,
and I don’t want to buy them online each time.[COLOR=Blue] I’ll forget! [/COLOR] :pout:

I found it!

Hi Angela!

Thanks for the link…but it’s a link to subscribe to INTERWEAVE KNITS,
to which I am already subscribed.

I need a link to subscribe to [B]KNITSCENE[/B] specifically.
Is there such an animal? Or is it only offered at bookstores and LYS’s? :??

No, I don’t think you can subscribe to Knitscene. It only comes out twice a year (I think). they don’t do subscriptions for it.

No subscriptions that I could find and I searched every page on the site. I would order the present issue online, this way they might remind you with an email when the next issue comes out.

According to this page it’s not currently available for subscription. You can buy the issues when they come out.

Finally! There is the answer, in black and white. NO, they [B]do not[/B] take subscriptions! Darn. :nails:

Thanks for all of the information, Jan and all!