Is this a compliment?

Today I wore a sweater to work. It was the sweater I knitted way back when I was in college, but it’s held up well and still looks good. As it was cold and snowy today I decided to be warm at work.

Anyway, one of the girls at work (who has a habit of disguising insults with crafty compliments) asked me if I knit the sweater. When I said yes, she just said ‘Oh I thought so, it looked homemade’.

Ok…do I take that as a compliment? Or am I offended because my work is not ‘professional’ or ‘saleable quality’?

I’m half offended actually, but also complimented because it’s nice to wear something I’ve made myself.

What do you guys think?

Well, that’s a tough one. Since she likes to “hide insults in crafty compliments” I’m not sure how to take it BUT don’t pay her any attention…it doesn’t matter what she thinks…what matters is how you feel about your project and how much satisfaction it gives you wearing it. Focus there…people are really hard to read sometimes.

Well I made almost that exact comment to someone last week!! I didn’t mean it as an insult. I ended up finding someone else, in the flesh, that knits. I was tickled pink.

If you aren’t sure if something is professional enough to wear to work, then don’t wear it. If you thought it was, then forget about the coworker. Otherwise, if it’s just a matter of her personal taste, who flippin’ cares?!

The only people that should be able to hurt your feelings are the ones that you love and they just wouldn’t do that. Brush off her comment and wear another item that you made. Don’t let her make you feel ashamed for ANY reason.

Lots of advice already on not taking things personally… so I’ll skip that :slight_smile:

Insulting or no, the idea that something “looks handmade” is always a compliment in my book. In our consumer world, where the buying of things is one of the only ways to survive (even food; unless you live in the country and are dedicated, you have to buy your food, and all it’s packaging, and all it’s extra ingredients, and all it’s etc etc etc), having something hand made is a real treat.

Besides, unless she creates her own garmets as well (wheter it be sewing or knitting or whatever), it’s even more the compliment, whether or not she meant it that way. 'Cause if she doesn’t create her own garmets, she’s pointing out something wonderful that you can do that she can’t (neener, neener).

Also, some of the coolest things I’ve EVER seen someone wear both were, and looked, hand made. Example: a skirt a friend of mine had made by buying all the men’s ties she could get at a thrift store, then sewing them along their long side (wide part at the bottom, narrow part at the top). She trimed the “fabric” at the point where it would go around her waist/hips and threw in a closure by not sewing one of the tie join seams to the top and putting in ties or buttons or something. It created a flattering, upward-tapering skirt that came to about her knees, with all the tie points giving the edge a really cool zig-zaggy hem. Some of the ugliest ties ended up being some of the coolest parts of the skirt :slight_smile:

I’d like to think that she meant it as a compliment, meaning that nice and original things are hard to come by in retail. So rather than ask, “Where’d you get that?” … she asked if you made it. Not only do I proudly wear my two ekgheiy-made sweaters because I put my time, effort, and skill into them, but also because I know that the likelihood of running into someone with the same item is a LOT less than if I wear something from The Gap (or whatever other retail shop). So that makes me ORIGINAL! :wink:

BUT … … on the other hand, if she meant it as a snide remark, then [color=red]Eff-You-See-Kay that broad[/color]!! Just remember that jealously manifests itself in many ways … :wink:

Well, either I am just a nasty cinical person, or the other people her are much more calm than me… I would have told her that she and her ugly store bought sweater could KMA, then flipped her off while sticking out my tongue, rolling my eyes and walking away.

I learned how to solve conflicts appropriately by being a middle school teacher. :roll:

word yellowness. right on again!

Well I do have to be rather ‘diplomatic’ at work but this girl is driving me nuts.

What I forgot to mention was the fact that she keeps going on about ‘taking up knitting again’ every time I work on a project during lunch. Only, when she talkes abour her knitting she really used a machine. And that’s not quite the same thing as doing it by hand is it?

I do think she’s jealous of my work, the ‘Hanna’ scarf I sell is a hit with the other girls, and some of the lads have even bought them for their girlfriends.

So in the context of the person she is, I’d say she was trying to be insulting.

BUT, you’re advise is great and I’m just not going to bother taking it personally or even caring. Yesterday she was complaining about so many things that I eventually tuned her out. It was bliss!

And of course I’m proud to wear my work! I love being able to wear my handknits and talk about them! Sure I even talk about them before I’ve knit them :smiley:

Thanks for all your replies, it’s really helped me not worry about it too much.