Is there some special registration?

A KH’er has emailed me asking about this - saying they are getting a special message as they go to enter KH saying that they must register just to use the OT and the Blog forum. I’m not seeing that at all. Can someone clarify please?

You would see that screen if you were not already logged in.There place to log in at the top right of that page, that happens to me once a week when I delete cookies and temporary files from my computer.

Ok…the member sent me a word file. They had copied the forum page (like with all the forum headers like General Knitting down to OT) and next to Blogs and OT was a message saying it was member only and you had to register. I suggested it may only be for people who have not yet joined. Certainly I can’t see it myself when I come in.

It’s a new thing. You have to be a registered member who is logged in to read those.

Ah…thanks Ingrid. I guess because I allowed my computer to maintain permanent access (password etc always keyed in on this computer) that I’m bypassing and simply ‘in’. Yee hah. :slight_smile: The other party always logs each time and that must be the difference.

Thanks Ingrid! I just thought it was my computer. One of my mottos is: