Is there anything better

then expecting yarn in the mail? Also I went to a LYS yesterday that I had just discovered and when I walked in it was like paradise. I could almost imagine myself diving into a big pool of it.


Where in Toronto? I’m going to be there the last week of June and I’d love to have a recommendation of yarn shops. :thumbsup:

There is one that I always go to called Romni Wools and it’s at 658 Queen Street West. They have great, great stuff.

The one I found yesterday is called Knit-O-Matic and it’s at 1378 Bathurst Street. Smaller than Romni, very quaint, but has lovely yarn.

:smiley: Ahhhhh…yes, I spend the hour before the mailperson normally arrives outside playing ball with Sally because I know I may have YARN…and sally loves playing ball :wink:

Ah yes, the sweet anticipation! i just placed a Knit Picks order yesterday, so somy yummy, fluffy, goodness should be on its way to me soon! :happydance: