Is there any way to fix this? :)

Hello dear knitters! :slight_smile:
Ok, I’ve screwed up majorly (or not I hope!)…I worked this pattern 6 times,

I knit a row and realized I had only 44 stitches on the needle instead of 45! On the purl row I must have dropped a stitch off my needle somehow
:rollseyes: Staying up till 4 am is verry good for your brain!

Soooo, my question is , can I insert a lifeline in the beginning of the 6th repeat and rip out? Will the 45 stitches be there again?
If not can you create a new stitch?
Thank You!! :slight_smile:

You might be able to create a lifeline on a purl side and rip back.

Its most likely, though, that you didn’t actually lose a stitch on the purl row but rather missed a yo on the previous row. That’s happened to me more than once.

I think it might be easiest to unknit this row, then the purl row. Compare the stitches on the needle to the chart and see if you can find the error. If it IS a missed yo, you can cheat. :smiley: Slip the stitches over to where the yo should be, then just pick up the bar between the stitches, creating a yo that way. Then you can slip back and purl the row again.

Or you can tink back to that spot, create the yo and continue.

That’s assuming, of course, that it is a missed yo. :thinking:

hello Ingrid! I was going to write how I think I messed up on purling the yarnover , for some reason the yarnover always looks weird to me as I’m purling, so I’m pretty sure you’re right…
But, now i remember that I dropped 3 or 4 stitches off the needle and had to put them back on and I am horrible at that because I can’t remember what a stitch is supposed to look like
Hmmm, looking at the chart would help, I never do :doh:
Thank you Knitting Angel Ingrid, I’m off to see what I’ve done and hopefully cheat! :slight_smile:

Good luck!!

If all else fails, you can also frog to right before a purl row and the pop out the stitches one at a time and slip them on your needle.