Is there any good way to knit a circular shape?

I have been looking for a felted basket pattern and the only one I can find in the right shape is a crochet pattern. I have thought of creating my own pattern, but that would all depend on making the base shape round. The sides I can handle, any circular will do the trick. Any suggestions? I’d be using a bulky weight yarn. Otherwise, I’ll just have to take up crochet, too!!! Thanks in advance!!


Hi Jw, there is a pattern for a felted basket in ‘Simple Knits For Sophisticated Living’, author Barbara Albright.

I’m gonna see if our library system has it.

i might try this:

start at top of basket on circs (i don’t know how big you want to make it), but when you want to start decreasing k2 tog every eight (or more), marking as you go. then on every other rnd dec before the marker, moving the marker up as you go. it’ll give you a nice spiraled, roundish decreased bottom to your basket. i hope that was somewhat of an explanation!

good luck