Is there an itchy wool solution?

So I’m knitting my first sweater, and its to the point where I can “put it on” even though its missing arms…and I can already tell that it will be ITCHY!!! I once read in a pattern for gloves a suggestion to wash the piece in conditioner if its too itchy. Does that work? But for an entire sweater? Is the solution a myth and I’ll have to live with my itchy work of crafstmanship?

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what’s up with all of our boys coming out of hiding today? Is Joel lurking around here too?

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I have trouble with itchy wool too. Sometimes even with a shirt between me and the sweater, the little scratchy fibers still seem to poke through. I’ve read that thing about conditioner but have never tried it. I opt for softer wools, like merino, whenever possible. And superwash especially, because I’m lazy.

So… Kilgore Trout, eh? I :heart: Vonnegut too.

Here’s a blogger who tried it and says it works . . .

Hope that helps.

Thanks for sharing that link! This will be such a great way to use up all that conditioner that didn’t work for my hair. :cheering:

YES of course! I kept thinking Douglas Adams and going “No, that’s not right!” But then, it’s been a good four years since I read a Vonnegut book.

Er, no idea about the wool thing. :slight_smile:

Hey Ladies! Maybe today is mens day, or for me here in Berlin it was “mens 1am”. Thanks for all the replies, even those that were only to compliment my taste in online names :muah:

I guess that blogger is right, its only hair, it should work. I haven’t used or purchased conditioner in more than 6 years, I guess its time to buy. She said she soaked it for an HOUR in the conditioner!!! Thats hardcore…but if it works I’m down for it! I suppose I’ll either have something I can’t wear because its too itchy or something I can’t wear because I ruined it with conditioner. Or it’ll just work!


It was suggested to me to wear a thin, silk turtleneck or long underwear top under wool sweaters. sells them and also a place called Wintersilks specializes in silk, and they have more selection.

Good luck!

Hope the conditioner works! Please let us know as I too have problems with itchy wool syndrome!