Is there an errir in pattern?

Hi, am knitting simple socks for beginners, Here is the pattern:

I’m wondering if there’s a mistake in the pattern? I just finished row 6 in “to shape the heel” and it says I should have 14 stst on needle, which I do The next row says Sl11, p12, p2tog. Turn. Isn’t this impossible since that would mean I should have 15 sts on instead of 14?:shrug:

The pattern is correct. That’s slip 1 (one) not slip 11 (eleven). These things are so easy to misread. Sanserif fonts are the worst, on my screen it’s not sanserif but maybe for others it is.

Hi Gramma,

Yes, I have slip 1 and I did slip 1, purl 12 and when I went to purl 2 together I only have 1 st left because there are only supposed to have 14 sts on the needle. What am I missing here? I’m so anxious to finish this sock so I can send you a pic that I got my first one done with your help! :slight_smile:

Row 7: Sl1, p12, p2tog. Turn.
These directions are for the large and x-large sizes only. If you have 14sts, I figure you must be making a small or medium size. If so, you can skip these two rows (7 and 8).

I would just sl 1 then purl across and never mind the decrease and then work row 8 without a decrease also. However, I do not do heel flaps so that might mess it up in a way that I’m not seeing. It seems that 14 sts on the needle is the important piece of info.

Row 7: Sl1, p12, p2tog. Turn.
Row 8 (right side): Sl1,k12, sl1, k1, psso. 14 sts now on needle.

Yes! That makes sense, thank you! I am making the medium. Thank you!

OK, good for you. You can do the gusset, that next paragraph. It sounds hard when you read it all at once but one step at a time will work. See the video suggested in your other thread.

I’m going to try watching the video again. I’m pretty mixed up thou, so I hope it helps me figure this out. video makes sense, my knitting doesn’t :frowning: