Is there an easy way to wind a hank into a ball?

I don’t have a ball winder. I plan on investing in one, but for now, is there an easy way to wind the hank into a ball?

Open up the hank and put it on a chair back or arm of a chair or sofa. Untie the strands that are holding it in a loop and find an end, then start winding. Go slowly, making sure you don’t just pull on the yarn, you kind of have to unloop it as you go.

I wind my own center pull balls all the time. I use the method Amy shows here in the videos.

Funny, I just looked this up yesterday. I found this picture tutorial. It’s easy, and it works!

I use an empty toilet paper roll. I find that winding yarn on my thumb or fingers works fine for short lengths of yarn. But if I’m winding a whole hank, it starts to get heavy. Plus, when I wind yarn on the toilet paper roll, the center hole is bigger and my yarn doesn’t ever get tangled. I actually keep several empty rolls with my stash!

I have rarely used a hank, but when I did I tried putting the hank over a revolving computer chair and turned the chair around and round as I made my ball. Worked. LOL