Is there a wrong side?

Sorry for all the basic crochet questions, I am just learning…

Is there a right and a wrong side to crochet?

yes there is. To me the right side is the said you started your work on at the beginning of the foundation chain

Kind of, depending on the stitch pattern. If you’re working back and forth in a single stitch, it’s pretty reversible. If there are puff stitches, etc. the right side is the one where they stand out.

ETA: Or if the pattern you are using declares a right side. Also, when you are crocheting in rounds, the sides will look different. You may choose whichever suits you best.

For most crochet the right side is determined by where you started. Because most crochet produces a stitch that looks the same (or nearly so) from both side like a garder stitch does in knit.

Popcorns, puffs, picos, and front (or back) post stitches have different front and backs just like a st st does. Any you may choose the WS to be the RS like rev. st st. :wink:

So, the answer to your question, Crycket, is that it depends!