Is there a way to line a Knitted hat

Hello All,

I have knit hats that i knit with #8(ribbing) and #9 (body) needles.

SOme people would like me to put a lining in it. African American can fall out with the roughness of worsted yarn.

Any suggestions?

Do you mean the hair or the person themselves? :rofling:

You could line it, sure! I would use something stretchy, of course. I’m not much of a sewer (I never realized until now that this could have two meanings!) Ahem. I don’t sew much, but you could stitch in a liner.

Not much help, I know. :wink:

OOOPs i ment African American Hair!

Yah - that’s probably why I don’t make hats … can’t wear them :frowning: Well I can, but then my hair would look like I stuck my finger in an a/c outlet!! :lol: It doesn’t so much make my hair fall out as it destroys my curl pattern… Arrgggh! Maybe Silver can make suggestions; I think she’s familiar with a sewing machine… :??