Is there a way to join two pieces of K1P1 Ribbing to make it one continuous piece

I would like the help of someone who can tell me what the stitch is called, or preferably, how to join two pieces of K1P1 ribbing together to make it look seamless.

I have knit a beautiful cardigan that has a shawl collar made out of K1P1 ribbing and the stitches are on stitch holders waiting to join each other. I tried the Kitchner stitch that is often used for the toes on socks, it works great on the knit stitches, but doesn’t deal well with the pearl stitches and makes it look funny.

I next tried the three-needle bind-off, but that makes a thick seam and does not look that great.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Do you mean like a kitchener for purl stitches?

If you find grafting difficult to get your head around, try doing it as a row of duplicate stitch instead, but between the live rows.

yes, kitchener for ribbed or purl stitches.


I’m interested in this, too. Purl grafting would come in handy when knitting seamless cabled bands around cuffs, sweaters, etc.

So this has been bothering me all day. A little googling found me this.

To summarize, purl grafting is the same as knit grafting except for the setup and the back needle. (Differences indicated by [B]bold[/B].)

Knit grafting:
[INDENT]Setup: Front - P, Back - K[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Regular: Front - K (slip), P; Back - P (slip), K[/INDENT]

Purl grafting:
[INDENT]Setup: Front - P, Back - [B]P[/B][/INDENT]
[INDENT]Regular: Front - K (slip), P; Back - [B]K[/B] (slip), [B]P[/B][/INDENT]

By combining the two types of grafting (Kate goes into how in her blog) you can graft ribbing and really, any kind of knit purl pattern (including cables!)