Is there a way to get st st to stop curling?

I am making a scarf for my 12 yr old with LB Wool Ease thick and quick. I am doing it in st st but the edges are curling in. Is there a way to make it stop? :??

Here it is if I lay it out flat

and here it is if I don’t force it flat

Read this thread. It’s a sticky for a reason… LOTS of people have this problem. :wink:

No. Stocking Stitch will curl. Every time.

There is a technique called twisted knitting, where you use two strands alternately to create a single piece of fabric. It will be more dense, but it may reduce curling in a plain ST ST.

Oh duh thanks sweetie. I figured it had been asked before… I should have dug some more.

I just read this article

and that gives me a little hope I guess. Once it is done I will try what she suggests.