Is there a way to get darker colors with Kool-Aid?

I want to get an evergreen or darkish emerald green color, but Kool-Aid seems to make everything bright. I saw on a site that the “Changing Cherry” flavor makes a darker green, is that true? Thanks =)


i’m not sure how you could get that color from koolaid but i’ve had great results getting a tons of various colors using plain old liquid food coloring.

the more coloring you use the darker the shades become

If you start with a natural color yarn (tan) rather than the cream, you should get more of a forest color with the Kool-Aid.

But perosnally I’ve switched to food coloring dyeing, since the color options are greater.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wilton’s makes paste food coloring that can be purchased where ever cake decorating supplies are sold. They have a wide variety of colors.

When using a paste food colorling, make sure you dilute it in warm or hot water, stirring alot so it dissolves. Then add to dye pot, stir and add yarn. Be aware, though, that colors may split. Purple is made up of red and blue. The yarn or wool may dye in various shades of purples, blues and reds in various places in the skein. I like the way it looks, adds interest and depth to the knitted fabric.

However, that may not be the effect wanted. I’ve found if extra vinegar is added to the dye bath it helps, as submerging the wool as fast as possible so that it all hits the dye bath as close as can be to “the same time.”

I don’t know what other Wilton’s colors will split… there is some good information over at

Just a little tidbit from someone who dies silk cloths (kids play silks) w/koolaid and wiltons - you don’t have to use vinegar. Lemon juice works well, and imo, smells better - You know you have enough when the color in the bath looks “opaque” and no longer translucent. I died some brown silks with wilton this past weekend this way, and brown often splits, but this time it didn’t!