Is there a way to convert reg pattern to all on one circ?

Hi, I had a friend who mentioned that you can convert any sweater pattern (where you make each piece separately) to making it all at once all on one circ needle…

Anyone know how to do this? Is it a simple formula or method that always holds true?

When I made my Cardigan I had lots of trouble getting the two fronts and the back to all match in length, it was very frustrating. I did better when I did the sleeves, or I might have frogged the whole thing!


I’m not 100% sure this is what you’re looking for AND I’ve not worked on larger items myself (yet), but you might want to check out the Fair Isle and Norwegian steeking methods to learn more.

A VERY quick search on everyone’s favorite, Google, turned up this link to more links on each topic:

(Tip: Start with the link or you may take one look at these procedures and go running away from your computer, screaming.)

Thanks anyway. I am going to try to give my friend a call and see what she was talking about.

Appreciate your help!