Is there a way of knitting cables horizontaly?

I don’t suppose there is any way to get a cabled type pattern to go along the rows?

No, but you can knit a cable over how ever many stitches and then pick up stitches along the edge of it and knit. I have done that on a sweater and a hat.

Like this…

There was a sweater in Interweave knits by Eunny Jang that is worked vertically with cables that go horizontally. Its the Tangled Yoke Cardigan at the knitting daily store. I’ve seen a few others, but can’t recall where.

I guess I should know better than to ever say something can’t be done in knitting. :oops: I went to check out the Tangled Yoke Cardigan and looked it up at Ravelry. Everyone calls what goes on in the yoke cables, but are they made anything like regular cables, or is it really something else entirely? Pretty impressive, whatever way you do it.

Check it out Skavookie!

interesting question.

Well there would be ways to fake it… I would chose.

if you want a cable, you can do ribs of reversed knit stitches. (they lie on top of other knit stitches so they look like a rib)

But I don’t know any way to make them look like real cables.

several objects are knit in sections: knit the cables across and then knit the rest. (Like Merigolds sample) or the whole piece is knit across.

What do you want to make? Maybe there is a solution we can help with.

I really like the question and will follow the tips here. There will be something to learn, for sure!

The chart for the Tangled yoke is like a cable pattern with several sts crossed over, not just a ssk or k2tog or twisted sts. Eunny Jang’s blog has a couple entries on reverse engineering cables which is how she came up with the pattern.

I have messed with some horizontal cableing…

I can give directions on how to do a mini horizontal cable…

In the Treasury Series, theres all kinds of (closed)circles and twists and curves and all different directions of cableing…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a true horizontal cable; where the crossing of stitches goes VERTICALLY between two or more rows. I have seen cables that are worked in the normal manner (crosses are horizontal, the cable is worked vertically) though the overall motif has a horizontal orientation. There are quite a few of those extent.

And then there are the cables worked and pieced in sideways.

The sweater is very nice, I have tried cables and keep making mistakes I don’t know what I am doing wrong I can follow the videos of anything else crochet or knitting, I knitted my first baby booties , from the pattern newborn baby booties with straight needles. And I done a great job. Do you think I will learn to cable if I follow a written instead of watching a video. let me know, any suggestions thanks:teehee:

There’s a tutorial here, maybe that will help. Cabling is nothing more than knitting stitches in a different order. On the rows where the sts don’t cross over, it’s like ribbing where you knit the sts that form the cable and purl the ones in between. If a cable pattern is p2, k6, p2, k6, the 6 sts are used in the cable. On the crossing row, the cable will read something like C6F, which means that there’s 6 sts with a front crossover. To do it, you put 3 sts from the left needle to a dpn or holder, let them flop down in front and knit the next 3 sts on the L needle. Then you knit the 3 sts from the holding needle and go to the next stitch.