Is there a video of this Increase?

I don’t get how to make this increase just by reading it. I am wondering if any of the Videos match this?

[I]"[B]M1[/B]=make 1 knit stitch
With the needle tip, lift the strand between last stitch
knit and next stitch onto the left-hand needle and
knit in back of it. One stitch has been added."[/I]
(This is exact words. Seems weird to me with the “between last stitch knit…” there.)

That pattern says to [I]“Inc. 1 st each side of next row then every 12th row 4 times more…”[/I]

Yep, it’s here under M1 R, L, B, or F. One set is left leaning, one is right.

More help here

I am making a sleeve (not knitting in the round). So I am guessing I knit one stitch and then make the increase? It says to make one knit stitch and I am working in k1xp1 rib…I am thinking it will mess the rib up. Hmm…

This pattern has given me a lot of trouble. :o(

Hiya willow, hiya jan
That’s called a “lifted bar increase” It’s where you lift the bar that is running between the stitches and knit it through the back loop thereby twisting the stitch to keep from making a large hole.
You would actually do the same thing for lace if you forgot or dropped the yarn over itself. It, the yo, would become the bar.

The pattern says to use this increase only (no left or right). Should I use this on both sides of the sleeves or do I have to use a right or left increase?
Does it makes sense to you to knit one stitch and then make the increase? This pattern leaves a lot of things unsaid.
It just says to increase on each side of row. I don’t get how I could make an increase like that without knitting/purling a stitch first (working in rib).

In my experience, increases aren’t really all that crucial on which way they lean, for the most part, they are going to be hidden in the seam or next to the selvedge anyway.
I would say, just go with whatever increase you are comfortable with. If it’s knitting into the front and back of a stitch, or picking up and knitting the stitch below…etc.
Lifted bar increases are one of the easiest to do and it really doesn’t have a lean to it per se.:guyknitting:
Hope that helps ya hun.

Alrighty. Thanks! To both of you!
Now I can keep on knitting. :o)