Is there a technique to knit with fur/pom poms yarn?

im having a hard time because i cant see where i’m going and the pom poms get in the way. i was wondering if there’s an easy way of knitting while using this type of yarn.
plz help me

thanks alot

I normally don’t watch while I’m knitting - I do it by feel. But when I work with a furry or ladder or pompom yarn I have to watch every stitch. And I find that I also have to count every stitch in the row or I somehow end up with more stitches than I started with.

I’m sure this won’t help you much, though. :frowning:

It is a pain to knit with. No help here, either, I’m afraid.

try this video:

I see a lot of scarfs done with pompon / gnocchi yarn here (haven’t made one but watched someone knit one). They work them with very thick needles so each pompon falls between the stitches (uprising or falling side of the stitch) and does not get in the way much but is pulled down by the weight of the knitting.

But if you are working a more dense fabric, that will not do the trick. Sorry, I think you will just have to get through with that.

With furry yarns I have worked and seen that any kind of pattern is lost, so I do entire garter stitch or stochinette stitch for the whole piece and get on ok with my knitting. I knit mostly by feel as well, ESPECIALLY for those yarns. It IS hard however to find out where you are at (in decrease sections and such) because you can’t read your knitting as easily (seeing the decrease, couting the stitches or rows further down). I do use waste yarn to mark my spots more often than in other knitting.

With fur yarns, I was lost as well, at the beginning. It’s until you start to see the pattern through the fur. (hold it up against a light source).

As for pompon yarn, I have heard a discussion between two ladies, one of which explained how to do it.
It’s hard to explain, but basically, you have these strands between the pompoms. You knit one strand without pompom, then one with, and so on, alternating…

(I haven’t tried honestly, because it seems like a royal PITA, but good luck to you)

Umm…this thread is 4.5 yrs old…the OP is no longer an active member. :lol:

First attempt with knitting with pompom yarn getting some good tips on here