Is there a technique to changing colors on joined work

I never did stranded knitting before, but thanks to Ingrid that I can do now.

My newest dilemma is joining the next color at the marker on joined work (The Chubby Sock/Stocking) on a circular needle. I thought I could just leave the ends hanging until it’s time to weave them in. Does this make sense? Tried doing google search to no avail.

I hope I’m not confusing anyone.

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So you mean you chnaged from the Main Color (MC) to the other or Contrasting Color (CC) and now you want to switch to yet another color and have all these little pieces of yarn hanging down inside the sock? If yes, I would leave them til you get to a place when you can weave them in, like after an inch or so of kntting. Or you could make one small join with the next color into a little hold knot and then go back and undo it when you weave in. If you meant something else then I don’t know.

Oh and welcome by the way :waving:

I posted pictures of how to join yarn not too long ago. Now I can’t dig them up. Let me try again.

I found it. The pics were taken to show how to get the yarn in place for one stitch of different color, but the actual attaching without weaving in is there, too. I’m not sure if it is clear enough, but if you have any questions, let me know. I’m just a bit too wiped out to try to describe clearly the way I do it. :wink:

How I attach yarn and weave in the ends.

was trying to say. In this case, I need to be shown how to do this technique, so I’m going to my local knitting shop and see if they can show me a way of trapping the yarn so I can get busy.

Thanks again!!