Is there a specific Month where there are sales for Home Appliances?

This is my last attempt! I have posted this question on every single board that I post to and I am not getting any answers. Ok, I am getting answers, but they are not answering the question.

DH and I need to get a new refrigerator. We are not in a terrible hurry (as in we need it today), but need to get it soon. I know that there’s a particular month/time where there’s usually a good sale on large appliances. Does anyone know when that might be? I really want to make sure that I am getting the best deal possible, but I do realize that might not happen.

Any, and I mean ANY help would be appreciated. I Have googled the you know what out of it and I still cant find an answer!!
Many Many thanks !

in my limited experience, when new models are about to be introduced, the old ones go on sale. (like cars). think “end of model year” (fall, early winter)… But overall the “sale” prices were only a little less than the regular prices. In our old townhouse, when we needed to replace the appliances in the springtime, We ended up just deciding exactly which model stove we wanted, watching the price for a couple months then going to the store and haggling for a deal since we bought all the appliances at once. (stove, dishwasher, fridge) There were also manufacturer’s rebates on the particular models we were buying, with more money back the more appliances you bought.

I think with the new “perpetual sales” mind-set in retail, there are no longer special times when things are on sale. I remember that January used to be the time to buy linens, etc… but these days all the stores have sales all the time.

If you get a Sunday paper with all the ad circulars from the major appliance selling stores (home depot, lowes, sears) you can get a general idea of what the “best price” probably is for what you want.

Sorry, this probably isn’t much help…

Generally, the best sales are in January and July/August. That’s ussually when store are doing inventory. However, check your local paper for sales. Also, the last time my parents bought an appliance, a washer/dryer, they talked the store, Sears, down 10% on the model.

We’ve always found January a good time to buy appliances sale wise. Or if you are willing, Boxing Day in Canada is a good time too…

Veterans Day sales and Labor Day sales oddly enough seem to be much better than say Christmas or Black Friday, esp. for appliances. We got a $3000 refrigerator for about $1600 bcs we waited for Labor Day sales at Sears.:mrgreen:

I agree with January. And it’s easy to get a good price by doing comparison shopping and taking an ad to a competitor who will “price match with 10% better guarantee” Works best for big brand name products like GE, Amana, Fridgedaire, etc. However, my parents got a Kenmore (Sear’s) stove last year by taking an ad for a similar model that was at a competitor to Sear’s and explaining how they were considering the other unit, but they liked the quality of the Sear’s model. The manager matched the price and offered free delivery and connection (gas stove). You have to be bold enough to negotiate.

Although don’t overlook appliance sales at Home Depot and Target and “scratch and dent” at furniture stores. Our current fridge was a “scratch and dent” because it was a floor model. We got it for almost half off.

I found this when I google the question. I used to have a bookmark of a place that would tell you thing like that, but I can’t find it.:??

[B]When to buy:[/B] During a holiday weekend.
[B]Why:[/B] You’ll find sales on select models all year long, but retailers bring out the big guns for holiday weekends, says Carolyn Forte, homecare director for the Good Housekeeping Institute. But don’t worry about spending your Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends shopping for a new fridge — smaller holidays like Columbus Day and President’s Day have their share of sales, too.

A lot of states have an inventory tax on any items in a store after Jan 31 of the following year, ie for this it would be Jan 31, 2008. I know Tennessee and Indiana does and they always have big sales of pretty much any big ticket item in January to clear out inventory so they pay less tax. I would certainly keep a lookout in January for possible sales.

PS: Lexie, I just googled states with inventory tax and Texas is one of the states that has an inventory tax so be sure and keep a lookout!