Is there a simpler way to .....(re: guage)

Is there a simpler way to find out what guage would be with a yarn and needle aside from making a swatch?
I was just wondering this: Can you wrap yarn around a needle (of chosen size) for an inch, then count every second thread - and that be your guage? Just wondering?

Nope…because gauge depends on both the yarn AND the knitter. My gauge using the same yarn and the same needle might be different than yours…so you’re safest swatching it! Unless it’s something that doesn’t need to fit well, like a blanket or scarf. :wink:

I thought so. :frowning: I was just hoping someone would share a magical way to figure out guage and save me (and everyone) some time. :rollseyes:

If I could figure that out, I am sure I could find a way to make some serious $$$ from it. I’m not sure there is anyone who likes swatching!

Hildie does…but that’s only because she’s a math freak.

i DO and i AM!!! I usually end up making 3 or 4 swatches for a project. I even swatch for felted projects (usually).

My easy guage formula: Cast on 20 stithes, knit 5-10 rows, measure to the nearest quarter inch how wide it is, and divide 20 by that measurement. If you do enough you’ll eventually be able to do it in your head :slight_smile:

math is cool.

I don’t especially enjoy knitting swatches, but I’ve learned my lesson. I always knit a test swatch now. Ask me why. Go on…

:hiding: [size=2]why?[/size]

Ok… I did a swatch, but this is why you should always knit a swatch AND wash and dry it.

Because THIS is supposed to be a size XL. NOT a 5X. It is SEVENTY inches around. It was supposed to be 45". :shock:

I knitted this for my sister for Christmas. I spent weeks on it. I struggled to get it finished by Christmas. And it was. She loved it. She took it home, and wore it a few times. Then she washed it. The yarn relaxed and the sweater grew to monstrous proportions.

This is also why I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever use Lion Brand chunky USA again. :doh:

You can see there are several lessons to be learned here.

However, it is a lovely plus sized sweater! :slight_smile:

wow and that relaxed so bad it wouldn’t even be cute with a shirt underneath it cuz the weave got so big…bummer!

Yep. I can’t do anything with it, but I can’t bear to throw it away either. I would frog it and knit it again, but I’m deathly afraid of the yarn now. sigh

Lion Brand chunky is acrylic, so it’s supposed to be dried in a dryer, or it stays stretched out. Did she lay it flat to dry? I read somewhere that acrylic yarns stretch out in the wash so MUST be dried in the machine.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

She dried it in the dryer. Then I washed and dried it in the dryer. It’s still hugenormous.

And Kelly, I’ll get you for laughing at me. It’s NOT FUNNY! WHAAAA!!!
Hilde, can you smack her or something? :mrgreen:

Next time you run into a very large person, you’ll be all set with a gift!

True. I would give it to someone who could use it. It IS a very nice sweater! :slight_smile:

NO NO NOOO…Im laughing WITH you!!! :heart: I know how that feels…remember Soleil??? :frowning:

Yes, but with a boob job, it would fit you! :roflhard:

My poor sis would have to go on an all fat diet to fit into it. :doh:

hahahahha! That’s horrible, but hilarious. Sorry Sil. :roflhard:

And Soleil looks AWESOME on me :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :lol: Oh, that is so funny…but, ohh soooooo horrible!!