Is there a secret to eyelash yarn?

I’m in the last 5 or so rows of a self-modified Booga Bag, in which I’ve added some stripes and want to finish off the top edge with a bit of coordinating eyelash added into the mix. This is my first foray into eyelash knit with my double-stranded worsted main color. So far, after 2 rows, pretty much all of the fringe is on the INSIDE of the bag, which would be OK if I planned to use it inside-out. (I don’t!)

Is there some secret way to hold it or otherwise manipulate the yarn so more of the fringe is on the outside? I’ve read to use a crochet hook to pull the fringe through to the right side (heckuva lotta work, it seems to me). Would this be best done before or after felting?

Thanks much!

Before felting, for sure. After felting it would be impossible to get a crochet hook through the fabric. But I have to agree that using a crochet hook sounds like an awful lot of work.

No, there’s no special trick to holding eyelash yarn. The lashes should be pretty evenly distributed between the front and back of the piece, but if it’s not, I’d suggest using a fine bristle brush and lightly brushing the knitted piece on the right side before felting. This technique is also sometimes used when working with a mohair yarn to bring out the halo (or fuzziness). Just brush lightly and don’t pull any snags. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Sounds tedious, but I usually just use a tapestry needle to pull some of the lashes out.

I have discovered something about that problem. Look at the strand of yarn as it is coming up toward the needle to be knit. Are the eyelashes looking like this: ->->->->->->- direction-wise? If so, they’re being smushed down in the process of knitting.
If you rewind that eyelash into a ball so that when the yarn is coming toward the needles with the eyelashes like this: -<-<-<-<-<-
It will poof up a lot better and stick out a lot more. Try it and see!
I am amazed the yarn manufacturers don’t package it/wind it such that it would come off the skein with the eyelashes pointing in the right direction.