Is there a right side/wrong side when knitting blanket?

Forgive me if this is a bit confusing, but I’ve been trying to search all over this site and the internet for an answer to this question. I’m not really sure how to accurately express my problem. After completing my first knitting project - a simple one color scarf, I am attempting to tackle my first baby blanket.

I’m working up a swatch first to get my idea down. I know that with most knitted objects there is a right and a wrong side, but what about with a baby blanket since it’s two sided? As I do the color rows, I want the change to be seamless and not show the loops where the color change exists. If I were making a sweater it wouldn’t matter because the row that I don’t like would be worn on the inside and thus unseen.

Is there a way to make both sides look the same at the row where the color change starts? I want the wrong side to look just like the right side. please help!

In order for the two sides to look the same, you’d need to do a stitch other than stockinette. Garter stitch, seed stitch or even ribbing would look the same front and back.

You might also want to check out the Reversible Sts here. Test your color changes on ones that might interest you to see how they look RS/WS.