Is there a pattern for a knitted snuggie?

I found a pattern for a Crochet snuggie, but I don’t crochet.

Is there a pattern for a knitted snuggie?

I found this one -

BIZINGA!!! This is what makes this site the BEST!

Thanks Jan, that is exactly what I was looking for. I might be able to use up all of the acrylic red heart yarn now that DH bought a while back. Then I can move one to replacing my stash with better yarns!!!

:thumbsup: You’re welcome!

Try Bernat Free Patterns. They have both crochet and knit.

I don’t have that particular pattern but is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?

There’s also these on Ravelry (free to join)

It isn’t spam. This is the only forum I could find discussing it so I figured you guys would know something about it.

I linked to snuggie because the person who responded did not know what it was.


Okay, but that’s how spammers usually post and we’ve had a lot of trouble with them. They find a thread that is asking about what they are linking to and post a link. Often the thread is old like this one, too. The baby cocoon is sometimes called a snuggie so the link posted a few years ago in the reponse was what she wanted.

Basically what these are is a series of rectangles. You have one big rectangle for the front. Two small ones for the back. They’re joined at the shoulders. It’s like a sweater but you wear it backwards. The sleeves are two rectangles and the midpoints are lined up with the shoulder seams. It’s like kimono sleeves. The back is left open. It’s like wearing a hospital gown only this one doesn’t fasten in the back. The commercial ones are great if you’re a Skinny Minnie. But it gets cold if you have a big caboose like mine. It just wasn’t going to happen for me. I was just thankful I only paid $5 for it at Goodwill rather than $20 retail. But I plan on using it as fleece liners for my crochet hats this winter, so it wasn’t a total waste.