Is there a pattern for a flat circle?

I’m knitting a hat with straight sides and want to attach a circle to the top. I guess it is a pillbox shape. But I can’t figure out how to knit a flat circle. I’m pretty new to knitting.

Also, I had bookmarked a aran hat awhile ago (similiar to what I’m making now) but I can’t open it anymore :(. Does anyone know of any free aran like patterns out there for a hat like this? I’m looking for something farely easy to teach myself cabling.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The genral formula would be to decrease 4 stitches every row , or 8 every other row (evenly spaced)

I think I know which pattern you mean - an aran toque with a flat top. The link I checked for it - through Knitting Pattern Central - isn’t working. It seems like the website is down. Sorry that I don’t know of a similar pattern. Maybe someone else does.

If you’re talking about a brim for the hat… Pick up stitches all the way around, divide by 8 if possible, place markers after the divider amount of stitches. You should end up with 8 markers. Then, after the first marker, K1, M1(make one) or KFB(Knit front & back), knit to the next to last stitch before next marker, M1 or KFB, K1, move marker, K1, M1 or KFB and repeat process around, then knit 3 rows without increases, do the M1 or KFB routine again and so on until you reach your goal. Depending on your guage/needle size/ and the amount of brim you want… this works for me when I do radial throws and ought to work for your hat. Holler if this is no clearer than mud! Oh yes, and you’ll need to use a circular needle if the circle is complete. If the hat is knitted flat, you ought to be able to use straight needles. Mary

I think she’s wanting the crown of the hat. So you would pick up st from the brim, place 8, 10 or 12 markers and dec every other round at the markers.

Yup That is exactly the pattern. But whatI’m doing is just making up my own pattern. I made a hat like this years ago but I couldn’t remember how to make the top.

Thank you so much

Thanks. But I don’t think we are talking about the same thing. The hat I am making is one long rectangle that is then seamed together and a flat circle/disc is then attached at the top.

You wouldn’t need to attach the top part, knit it onto the seamed rectangle. Pick up stitches around then begin decreasing evenly until you get down to about 8 or 10 in the center.

[B]I looked for a pattern for a circle and didn’t see any. SORRY.[/B]