Is There A New Column When Viewing Threads?

Whoa…I loaded KH and noticed something different.

Is there a new column on the left (the first one)? It shows which threads you’ve participated in.

Sheldon’s been at work again, eh?

Oh, and my cheering icon is gone. I guess the icon has either been deleted or moved? :??

Not that I’m complaining…just noticing. Perhaps it’s just my befuddled brain that’s on overload due to too much studying.

Please tell me I’m not crazy…

Where? I can’t see what you are talking about…maybe I am the one going crazy.

Do you see the first column in the screen shot below? :??


I have both of those columns, always have (as far as I can remember), but the first one has never had any words in it.

hmm-the little circles have been there as long as I’ve been here, but I don’t get words unless I hover…

There’s a key at the bottom of the page that explains the circles…

Nope. I just cleared my cache and reloaded and it still looks the same to me. Have you tried clearing your cache and reloading just to see if it’s some strange internet/forum glitch? :??

Auburnchick, I see what you mean but I don’t really know if it was there before. After you read all or scan through to the last the posting on a thread, go back and the red arrow in the circle disappears. Hope that makes sense.

That fixed it! Thanks, Jan! :thumbsup: