Is there a difference between holding yarn double throughout

and double knitting? My pattern calls for two different yarns to be held double throughout. Getting very confused by all the double knitting tutorials that pop up when I search for an answer on the web. I’m not a total beginner but it has been several years since I picked up my needles!


  1. DK yarn is called double knitting, but it’s really just a yarn weight between worsted and sport.

  2. “Double Knitting” is a method of knitting that creates two layers of fabric at the same time.

  3. Yarn held double is actually two yarn strands held at the same time and knitting normally.

You are doing #3. Just hold two strands and follow the pattern.

Thank you so much Jan.
I’m attempting the ‘Split Personality’ scarf.

This one? [
Your link won’t work for me. They are really funny that way sometimes.

it might be multiple personalities… held double for the ribbing, but single for the stockinette, but it’s 2 colors, AND it still creates double-knit fabric at the end, but they’re using it as a tube with open ends… that’s an awful lot going on in one scarf! :wink:


Yep, that’s the one GG.
Xtopher, the stockinette is actually held double too…I think? This is supposedly an easy project to get me back knitting again, sure hope so because I had to order the yarn and it wasn’t exactly cheap!

The knitting itself looks simple enough, knitting in the round isn’t complicated once you get the hang of it. You might run into some concerns with jogs when you change colors but there are easy fixes for that. This looks like a great project, I think you’ll enjoy it. Ask any questions you have, somebody will help.

Thanks GG, can’t wait for my yarn to arrive!

It’s going to be a great looking scarf and you’re right, two strands of yarn throughout. Love to see a photo of this one finished!

i edited myself. immediately caught my mistake.

i saw this in the description “@Tosh Merino Light held double for ribbing / @1 strand Tosh Merino Light + 1 strand Superior held together for stockinette” but to be honest didn’t download the full pattern… so i figured from that description it was 2 strands for the ribbing, one for the body. but maybe it’s 2 for the ribbing and then you add another, for 3 total, for the body?

(here’s my edit… duh… it’s 2 strands of one kind for the ribbing. then 1 strand each of 2 different kinds for the body… this brain some days…)

sounds like you’ve got it all figured out, regardless - post a pix of progress when you can, it looks like a fun project! :wink: