Is there a difference between eyelash and fun fur yarn?

Hi! I’m wondering if there is a difference between eyelash and fun fur yarn, or if the terms are used interchangeably. Thanks!

Depends on the company, but pretty much, yes. Sometimes the eyelashy part is more sparse on “eyelash yarn”, and more full on the fun fur. What ever you’re using it for (a scarf?), it tends to be a little flimsy, so usually you use double strands or an eyelash/fur strand along with something else.

From the Bernat website, this is eyelash yarn :

And this is what I would consider “fun fur”:
Fun fur

I know there’s a website out there with more detailed yarn information, but there is a difference between eye lash and fun fur.

Right-- that is what Bernat calls “eyelash”. But then this is also eyelash: So that’s why I said it really depends on the company.

I made scarves from yarn similar to Boa and I’d call it more feather' thanfur’. It was kinda like knitting a bird…

LoL knittng a bird That cracked me up for some reason! I’m still giggling

That… to me… looks exactly fun fur:think:

Oh, but it gets even better-- Lion Brand describes its Fun Fur as an eyelash yarn So everyone’s right on this one, I guess-- or we’re all wrong?:teehee:

sounds more like the manufacturers don’t know which is which lol

Eyelash yarn is called that, because it looks like eyelashes. Fun Fur is one form of eyelash yarn. There are also some eyelash yarns that have very short lashes.

You can see several kinds on this page:

What is it called when it has little loops instead of the furry stuff? Like Patons Pooch… Which is the worst stuff to knit with…

Loopy sort of yarn is boucle.