Is There A Better Way

to learn to not drink and drive?

Ok, I may seem heartless in saying this, but, I can’t help but find that quite hysterical :teehee:

Once again someone in our state makes the news! It boggles the mind when I hear these stories. They just had a guy on the news that had 19 DUI’s!!! Its beyond ridiculous.

Good grief! How soon will this loon be driving again?

Well, I guess I’m just as heartless as you, 'cause I couldn’t stop laughing. (Have you seen the youtube with the drunk who keeps saying “my n*ts itch”? Talk about hilarious!!!):roflhard:

Wow- that is really funny. Oh karma!

My fave dumb criminal is the one who threw a manhole cover through a jewelry store window- then falls in the manhole when he comes back out. He broke both legs if I remember right. Nice.

snigger snigger

That’s funny!

On one of those cop video programs, they showed the cops trying to pull over a drunk on a riding lawnmower…dude was so wasted that he kept leaning farther and farther out, then finally fell over into the street as his mower came to a halt. Funniest part was hearing the cops in the cruiser doing the recording laughing themselves silly!

Jay Leno talked about it and Jimmy Kimmel showed the clip from the dashboard cam. If you wrote this into a movie, people would think it was far fetched! Little do they know.

We lived in New Mexico for seven long years.

The state motto is “The Land of Enchantment”, but some call it “The Land of Entrapment” because it’s hard to get moved out of there for some reason.

The drunks were down right scary! So many driving irresponsibly.

They should have also charged him with vehicular assault :wink:

Yeah, Karma’s a b**ch…:happydance:

Well, at least he ran over himself and not some innocent person.

As an EMT I have held far too many dying teens who were just “out for a good time”. Most of what I do is saving people from the stupid things they do. Everytime I hear the ads on the radio or TV for “DWI Attorneys” I see red, if you are charged with DWI you should be punished.

Yup, Karma is a b**ch! Sadly though it is all too often the person who wasn’t drinking that get hurt or killed.

Yeah, I’m glad he ran over himself and not someone else…Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson, though I doubt it.