Is There A Better Way To Sew Up These Booties?

[size=6][color=violet][b]I am knitting the Preemie Knitted Booties Pattern, and is there a better way to sew up these booties? I first tried sewing them up with a whip stitch…yuck! Then I tried sewing them up with a Mattress stitch, but there is a seam. I really don’t care for the seam on tiny feet. How would you sew up these booties?

Moo :XX:
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You could try just to connect the very edges of the seams–pick up half a stitch from one edge and sew it to a half stitch from the other edge. I’m not much of a seamstress, but that might work.

Moo, did you watch Amy’s Mattress St. video here (scroll down a bit…)? I found watching her do it cleared it up for me & I no longer had seams.