Is there a 'best' type of yarn for colour pooling ?

By which I mean, is one able to cast an eye over a ball of variegated yarn and say either “Yep, that’ll work !” or “Don’t think I can pool that” ?

Unfortunately I don’t think you can do that. Whether a yarn would pool would depend on number of stitches, what you’re making and how the yarn is dyed. If you have a yarn in mind I’d go to Ravelry and look it up than look at the projects made with it and see if any of them pool. Most people are trying to avoid pooling so it might be hard to find stuff.

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Check this, Jan:
Twelve minutes, but all of 'em interesting …

Yes, very dependent on yarn and gauge. See the theory behind the art of planned pooling here:

Wow, that’s interesting! I’ve never done anything like that.

Ain’t it though …?
Beats everything else I’ve read about pooling into a cocked hat.
Still don’t know about the best kind of yarn but.

Yeah, sorry. I’m not sure either because as we said there are so many variables. Check the link salmonmac linked to and see if the pattern says anything…?

This app is from the planned pooling website. (click on “the app” in the upper ribbon)

I’ve seen one other that is similar but with the sliding bar that shows changing color pattern with gauge but it doesn’t come up in a search.
I don’t think I could so precisely control gauge to keep the pattern in line but if you can, the results are impressive.

There is a small list of yarns that can pool here and they’re sorted by weight, though there was a longer list on another forum I was on. It says crochet, which I don’t do myself, so I don’t know how differently it works between knitting and crochet.


BRILLIANT !!! - the irony here is that this info is exactly what I want, and I am an Interweave subscriber. How I so missed this is beyond me; but I am truly grateful to you for passing it on.
Now to relocate the Oz site that sells American yarns - that, or wait weeks when buying directly.
Oh, I am so PLEASED - a million Aussie thank-yous, Shintoga. :smiley:


Aww, you’re very welcome :slight_smile:

And now for another source:
in which are listed dozens of RedHeart yarns that are suitable.
Boy, are my horizons widening, or what ?! :smiley_cat:


That last link is great, I’ll be saving that!

Between us we’ll have everyone informed, Shintoga … :hugs: