Is spinning with a drop/ hand spindle crazy hard?

Is spinning with a drop/ hand spindle crazy hard? :slight_smile: It looks like it would take FOREVER and you’d get a serious hand cramp. :shrug: :slight_smile:

Some people struggle with it, some have no problems…it’s very simple, personally I think it just takes some getting used to. And as with all handcrafts, you have to find where your limits are. In my first month of spindle spinning, I was having a bit of hand pain, then I kind of realized how much I should be spinning per day, and the best way for me to hold everything – now I rarely have pain.

Spinning really is magical :smiley: and I think spindles are a great place to start.

I think that, like knitting, it also is a day by day thing. There are days that I cannot get it, and others where it goes like lightening. It’s a lot of fun, though.

Spinning in general takes practice, and the first unsuccessful attempts are definitely frustrating, whether you’re using a spindle or a wheel. I personally found spindle-spinning too slow, because of the whole needing to wind the yarn on, and then winding it off the spindle once it gets full. My arm also got tired from holding the spindle up in the air. I also found it difficult to join new roving, since the yarn is getting pulled on by gravity and the weight of the spindle. I think the spindle IS a good place to start though…that way you can gauge whether you have the patience/interest to do spinning in general and whether it’s worth it to buy a wheel.

I bought a wheel after trying a spindle, and I like it MUCH better than the spindle. Of course, a wheel is MUCH pricier than a spindle…In the end though, whether you used a spindle or a wheel, it is definitely cool to be able to make yarn!

One way to increase production on a drop spindle is to start with a corn husk on the shaft, then you can just pull that off and go on without having to stop right then to wind the thread. Also, in my opinion anyway, a top whorl is much faster than a bottom whorl, just alot more efficient.

I tried to learn with a drop spindle, I HATED IT.

I moved on to a wheel and loved it. 1 year later I tried the spindle again, and simply FELL. IN. LOVE. with the spindle. It’s slower sure, but I think the quality of the yarn is better, and I have even read that in some other books!