Is it possible?

To knit socks using 100% cotton yarn? I have a fairly small range of yarn on my city (and ordering international isn’t quite an option), but i was interested on trying to knit a sock - plus, the weather here is suited better for cotton than wool

I’ve seen a lot of socks on Ravelry done with cotton. You can even knit anklets, for warmer weather :thumbsup:

Cool :slight_smile: That’s a nice thing to know (specially because i have a 1000m ball of light pink cotton mercerized thread that needs a destiny - and yeah, it’s cheap and not too shabby)

Just make sure you have a good strong heel. Apparently cotton can wear out faster than other materials

And I think you would want to make sure it’s nice and soft–maybe knit a little patch and step on it to see how it feels underfoot?

I think they’d sag and bag very easily. Cotton has little or no elasticity or memory; all cotton sock yarn that I’ve seen was blended with wool and nylon, probably for that reason.

I’m certainly not a sock expert, but I’ve heard that the problem with cotton is that it doesn’t stretch, and then snap back, as well as other fibers (like when you pull the sock over your heel).

You might keep that in mind when choosing a pattern. Perhaps a stretchy cuff done in ribbing might work better than something like a lace pattern.

Hmm, i see… maybe a cotton/polyamide blend would work (here in Brazil the yarns are pretty much acrylic-based - which is too hot to where i live - and i think they’re a bit itchy)

Can you get Cascade Fixation where you live? I haven’t used this yarn yet, but I’ve heard very good things about it. It is mostly cotton with a little elastic, so it does stretch.

Ann Budd used it for a couple of socks in her book Getting Started Knitting Socks. I really like this book and highly recommend it.

I knit socks using Lion Brand Cotton-ease all the time. In fact, I currently have one OTN that I’m doing. It’s true that they can be a bit saggy at the ankles, but if you knit the beginning using the yarn, a basic k1, p1 or k2, p2 ribbing and a bit of elastic they should stay up no problem. I haven’t had any problems with the heels, but the toe decreases can be reinforced by adding a second strand of yarn. I LOVE COTTON SOCKS!!!