Is it possible to steek Garter knitting

Ok, so here is what I have. I knitted hubby a scarf to go with a Tomten coat I knitted him , picture here. I knitted it long way . I never put pockets on his coat and now he wants pockets . He doesn’t use the scarf and I’m out of the yarn I used for this project and I’m thinking maybe without having to actually knit two pockets is there a way to steek down the front of the garter sts and pick up sts and knit an already knitted piece to the area where he would like his pockets or is this to off the wall impossible ? The scarf is long enough to cut off two pocket size pieces and still have a scarf .

If I understand correctly, what about pockets with a side entry? You could cut along the row as shown here

and then pick up sts on each side of the row. You would have to leave a yarn tail at each end to keep the row from unraveling.
You could then knit the entire pocket or just knit in a bit and add a cloth pocket which might be less bulky.
These coats are gorgeous and your color looks great!

I have EZ’s book with the ‘after thought pocket’ in it. I was just trying something with the already garter st scarf to make pockets from it to then add onto the front of the knitted coat. Thought I could pick up stitches from a cut edge and then knit them onto the front of the coat .

This seems like my only option. Thanks for the link

You could do patch pockets on the outside of the sweater using the ends of the scarf but I don’t think that’s what you want. Maybe this video will be useful. Perfect Pockets

I know nothing about steeking.

I know nothing about it too, and the video is good.

Are you working with wool? The little barbs on wool help keep it from unraveling at the steek. I run lines of sewing stitches on either side of the steek before cutting it. It’s scary but it works.
You’ve seen Ingrid’s sticky for steeking which is very helpful.
Or you could snip one strand and go with the live sts idea or the patch pockets which would work with this jacket.

I’m not going with the steeking on this and going to do the afterthought pockets . I can make them less bulky that way by using a cloth inside pocket . Thanks you all the help .