Is it possible to make a picture on a scarf?

I’m an experienced knitter, and I got a request for a scarf with two hearts on it. It sounded straightforward enough, but now I am stumped on how to do this! I tried knitting the scarf in stockinette stitch on the round, but it was way too thick and stiff. I tried again using much larger needles so it wouldn’t be so stiff, but with such large stitches I didn’t think the hearts would look good. So then I thought I’d try knitting the scarf with straight needles in k1p1 ribbing, but then the WS of the hearts will look terrible, with all the yarn carried over in the back. So is there a way to knit a scarf with pictures (hearts) on it, where the hearts look good on both sides of the scarf, and the scarf doesn’t curl? Is there a way to knit the scarf in color 1 and then do some kind of fancy duplicate stitch to make the hearts, where they look good on both sides? I looked into double knitting, but then I’d have the same problem where the scarf is too thick. Ideas??? Thanks in advance! Knit on!

There are 3 ways to add a design- duplicate stitch, fair isle or intarsia. All of them will have at least some show through on the back unless you double knit or knit in the round.

Stockinette stitch curls period. If you put a fairly wide border it will curl less. You could do garter and then embroider the hearts skimming through the top of the stitches so it most likely won’t show too much if at all.

Yes you could and I did suggest that. :wink: OP did say that the scarf was too thick when she knit in the round which is double fabric as well so double knit may not be what she wants.

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All good suggestions. Keep making them, please. Your contributions are always welcome.

ETA This isn’t what the OP was asking about but I wonder if it would work for two hearts on a scarf?

or would illusion knitting work

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Yes, you could reduce thickness with thinner yarn…good idea. And you’re right, fair isle would probably be thicker as well. OP wants it to be pretty on the back so I think in the round or double knitting is the way to go.

Those are great ideas, too!

Thanks sooo much for taking the time to answer, everyone! I think I might either go back to the large needles in the round idea, or experiment with some very careful duplicate knitting that might look at least ok on the WS. I thought of those ideas for the hearts that don’t change the color of the yarn, but the colors were very specific in the request I got. :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

I like the idea of double knit in two colors.

It would solve all your curling problems, it would make the scarf reversible (with the colors reversed on the two sides) and would keep floats from getting caught on things because there wouldn’t be any floats.

The thing that might be a problem for you is that this would only work well with a light weight yarn, a 1 or a 2. I get the impression that the yarn you have is heavier for that.

There are a lot of scarves and other items available on the internet that have charts for hearts already available, though.

I think double knitting in two colors would be the best solution, but it would probably require about 4 times the amount of knitting.