Is it possible to cut hand knitted fabrics?

I want to knit my own costumes but I can’t find any tutorials and I’m not good enough to make my own complex patterns. I’m thinking I’d knit a large square and cut out the pieces I need. Is the possible? How would I do it?

It’s possible, especially with wool (it’s called steeking) but it’s a long way around.

Unless you’re trying to make something really unusual, the basic ways to make a garment that fits a human body are the same whether you’re knitting a regular sweater or a Lion King costume. In other words, if you’re trying to look for “how to knit a such-and-such costume” you may find nothing, but “how to knit a sweater with ruffles” will get you countless tutorials for the basics, on which everything else is built. Once you understand how knit fabric forms and moves, you’ll be able to find patterns for details and combine them. While that sounds time-consuming, it will very likely be quicker than knitting very large pieces of fabric to cut up, unless you have an excellent knitting machine.

I don’t know a lot about steeking, but I know it’s usually secured before cutting.