Is it me or the needles?

Hi all.
I was using a pair of crystal palace bamboo dpns to make a pair of sockswhen i noticed they had little dents all along the tips that woyld catch the yarn. After i exchanged the firstvpair this happened to, I noticed while using the new ones that the dents were due to my fingernail(not long or pointy at all) hitting the needles because of how I hold them. I tried to adjust the way I hold the needles, but couldnt. I’m wondering, will this happen with all wood needles, or are some wood needles a little harder where that might not happen?

I’ve never heard of that happening. :think: I do think some woods are harder than others, but I don’t know what they are or what other needles are made of. Have you tried using metal needles?

It might be that particular brand of needles. I previously used Clover bamboo needles and had no problems. They do occasionally wear down at the points and snag, but I just evened them up with a finger nail file. I’ve never had any problems with my current set, Knitpicks Harmony Wood needles. They do come with a lacquered finish that wears well and is great for sliding stitches off. As for metal vs wood needles, it’s a personal preference. I can’t stand metal ones. They make my stitches much too loose. I don’t like the clicking noise metal needles make. I prefer to knit quietly. lol

You can get knitting needles that are made from practically any type of material. You might try a hardwood like cherry or ebony. (be prepared for sticker shock).
If you can’t find wooden needles you like, and don’t like metal because they are so slippery, you might try out the Denise needles, or look for needles made of casein, which is a milk protein. Both are “grabbier” than metal, smooth and durable but flexible (easier on the hands).

Okay, thanks. I’ve tried metal needles and dislike them; maybe I should look into plastics, thanks. I really like the Dyakcraft needles that I found over on Ravelry, I think they might be a a harderwood (Dymondwood?), but for the price I definitely don’t want anything to happen to them.

I’ve used the Knit Picks Harmony wood needled, the Boyle bamboo needles and a Rosewood set I’ve forgotten the brand name of and that’s never happened to me. My nails aren’t short but they’re natural. I would try another brand of wood DPN first before you try changing substances.