Is it a problem with my tension

Hi All
I am new to this site and to knitting,
I was working on a scarf using a faggot stitch which I love but I have noticed that it will look just perfect for about 6-inches and then it looks awful. Like larger holes and messy. I am wondering if it is because I am not keeping the tension the same all the way through? I guess I will need to unravel and start over for the 100th time…lol
I am not giving up !!!
Thanks for any help

Tension just comes with practice. Also when you’re finished, washing or blocking the item will even out the sts a lot.

i found this on the a google search…

maybe you are accidentally dropping some othe YO’s?
i’ve been using a similar stitch to make vertical lace on a scarf, and i had to start over a few times because i was loosing my YO’s and getting the same giant holes.